Sad & Crying

30 12 2012

Friends unable to write in Gujarati so writing my thoughts in English !

Heart is sinking, eyes do not stop shading tears, entire body is shaking,

you know the reason ! In our country Bharat one innocent girl lost the

battle of life. Due to few “PASHVI” men. On and above news papers are

filled with the same kind of incidents in the different parts of India.

Which direction our society is travelling. What is the difference between

men and animals?

‘Problem’ is the middle name of life. In our country Problem is the life.

Still we are doing progress. What is the cost? Felt like Lost Person.

What to do? Where to start? Felt like Helpless ! Life goes on, how can you

ignore all these problems ?




One response

30 12 2012

સમસ્યાઓ અને મુશ્કેલીઓથી ભાગો નહીં
પણ તેને સમજવાની તાકાત કેળવો
અને તાત્કાલિક ઉપાયો અમલમા મૂકો

પ્રતિસાદ આપો

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